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Have you been attempting to do medical coding and need some refreshing or just a guide of what to do. When I tutor a student, I also add tips and strategies used to help select the best the best code. For example checking the similarities between two medical terms. for example dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and dysphasia (impairment of speech). A good coder is familiar with medical terminology and always has a medical dictionary available. Recognizing the difference in similar terms ensures accurate coding. This means a claim can go out clean and would spend less time pending for payment, there would be no denial, thus no claim follow up, and no resubmissions when the information is abstracted properly for coding. Keep this in mind! Til next time!

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I work as a mentor/tutor Coordinator for a community college.  I recruit Mentors and Tutors.  I have a co-hort of Med B/C Students who are just giving me Holy Hell since they started.  None of the Tutors I get them are good enough and I've heard from at least four sources that they're just not doing the reading.  They want every reference book possible.  The ring leader has a sister who considers herself an expert in this area and she's managed to convince the students that she's the only person who can help them.  The problem is that she will not do the work for the set wage that we pay Tutors.  She feels that she needs thousands more $$$ because her knowledge is so rare.  Ugh, I'm just starting to hate them.  Is Med B/C this hard or did this one rotten apple spread her poison?  PS-The Instructor has not had this much trouble with a group of students either.
The current Tutor I have for them is the one and only student who is passing, but, since she's just a student and doesn't have a degree yet they all act like they can't understand anything she tries to help them with and they are constantly trying to get her to go to private meetings at a student's home so that they can approach the college President and Board.  The only thing they are being successful in doing is making us aware to the possibility that they all have undiagnosed Learning Disabilities.
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