From Sea to Shining Sea

Moving across the country as a young couple with three kids is an adventure, our California adventure. Our slower, Northern Florida pace clashed with the culture of the urgent in Los Angeles. Serpentine paths dipping into the cold of dark library halls and emerging in the heat of clogged freeways brought sorrow and mirth in our journey. At long last, though, a new day reveals that the exit ramp to our adventure, with many a sleepless night in the past.

Yet, a new road lies before us. As we pack our belongings for the trip across the fruited plains, the sun rises in Georgia. We know new challenges await us as we acclimate back to Southern living, but our hearts beat for what Providence may bring. While the task might loom large, our desire is to serve the community of Savannah holistically.

Through waves of amber grain back to the Atlantic same, our family adventure will proceed from sea to shining sea.


Shaun M.

Affordable and Dedicated Tutoring and Guidance

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