Sometimes, I get a good feeling...

Sometimes, people look at me oddly. For instance, when I'm telling them how much I enjoy Shakespeare, or how much it thrills me to actually proofread students' papers, or how tickled pink I get when someone realizes the difference between "effect" and "affect," or "principal" and "principle."


But, there is one good feeling that surpasses them all, and that is when I'm working with a student, and I see the light bulb come high school English teacher used to call it the "AHA Moment"...that glimmer when the student understands--"gets it." THAT is the most rewarding thing about being a tutor. It makes the sitting in traffic, the tedious emailing, and the preparation all worth it.

Have you had YOUR "AHA Moment" today? :)


Chelsey C.

Passionate, Engaging & Patient American Sign Language Tutor!

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