I Understand Your Struggle...

I have always struggled with Math. Although I excelled in English and History, i always had trouble passing my math classes. High School was hard, but when I got to college and enrolled in Algebra, I was hopelessly lost. After failing two Algebra 2 classes in a row, I decided to work backwards and start with Algebra 1. My experience with my Algebra 1 teacher changed my entire view on Math: I love it now! I was able to grasp a firm understanding of Algebra 1 and the easiest ways to teach and learn it. I think that it is important to UNDERSTAND a student, not just teach them numbers out of a back. Lots of teachers can sit with a student and show them how to solve a problem, but not many can truly understand how the student is feeling and why they're struggling. Although I don't typically tutor math, the subject has helped me understand how to come back and conquer a subject that seems impossible. I would love to pass this confidence on to you or your child!


Caitlin P.

Ex-Military Tutoring English, History, Elementary, and More!

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