The Keys to Teaching History so it Sticks

When you come across a student who is struggling in the subject of history the reason is almost always the same, the student is bored. This is customarily because of the presentation of the material, as opposed to the material itself. History cannot simply be lectured, it must be experienced. This happens when the tutor incorporates multiple learning materials and techniques into the lessons. This is not difficult and can be applied to any period in history. Using visual aides such as artifacts, pictures, and maps certainly help bring the subject matter to life. Scholarly sources are useful as well, as are first hand accounts to history such as diaries, sagas, and oral tradition. The Arts and Literature of a time period can also bring history to life for a disinterested student. However the best resource one could hope for when teaching or learning history is something everyone possesses to begin with, the imagination. To encourage the use of ones imagination when studying history is to encourage the visualization of history. Once that occurs the student is mentally within history, and that makes learning history easy and enjoyable. It can't help but stick.


Ian F.

Inspired Learning Through Passionate Tutoring

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