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I wanted to share a bit about why I tutor and mentor outside of my regular day job. I have always wanted to be in a role where I could teach and influence others. Even though I am currently an Engineer, I am working towards a direction where I have opportunities to work with customers, students, and/or youth. I feel that tutoring and mentoring have been a very practical way for me to begin this desire by allowing myself to share my knowledge as well as influence the people I work with. Outside of my day job and tutoring, I also enjoy mentoring high school students in their college application process. With college being one of the most influential and important times of our lives, I felt that working with high school students and college students were a great place to invest my time. I hope this helps you understand a little bit more about why I have chosen to tutor outside of my regular day job and that you can sense that I have a sincere and genuine desire to work with students!



Angelo L.

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