Cultivating a Strong Functional Immune System Beats Childhood Obesity to the Punch

Creating new antibodies (white blood cells) through the process of vaccination is how kids are systematically immunized against polio, diphtheria, small pox, and measles. Creating new FUNCTIONAL ANTIBODIES through the process of functional childhood obesity prevention is how 21st century kids can systematically immunize themselves against today’s # 1 health threat, childhood obesity. Check it out.

Step One...
Step one is to frame childhood obesity in terms of a physical disability that requires preventative action BEFORE the disability actually strikes. You don’t wait until your kids get polio before vaccinating them, right? Childhood obesity requires/demands the same preventative foresight if we’re going to have any chance of winning this war that’s being waged against kids throughout the developed world.

What Does it Look Like?
How do you do that? And what do functional obesity antibodies look like? It’s actually quite simple. Functional obesity antibodies look like conventional pull ups, conventional bar dips, rope climbing, hand stand push ups, or single legged squats.

Odds are About the Same as Winning the Lottery
Simply stated, the odds of kids who can perform even one repetition of conventional pull ups (bar dips, hand stand push ups, etc.) being obese are about the same as winning the lottery or getting struck by lightening. And the odds of kids who can perform 5 or 10 repetitions being obese are even worse because they have 5 to 10 times the functional antibodies at work on their behalf.

The Obesity Industrial Complex has Undermined Kids
The problem is that in the 21st century the bad guys (collectively known as the Obesity Industrial Complex) have successfully undermined our kid’s functional immune systems to the point that most kids (80% or more) are unable to perform any pull ups, bar dips, or rope climbs. The good news however is that if they’re given access to the right experiences, most kids (95% or more) can easily develop plenty of functional obesity antibodies, and in the process they naturally immunize themselves against the toxic influences that stalk them every hour of every day, week in and week out.

One Example...
Let’s explore one example of how kids can actively cultivate functional obesity antibodies and in the process immunize themselves against these omnipresent influences. By using a combination of height adjustable pull up straps and a technique called leg assisted pull ups (jumping and pulling at the same time) all kids can find a place to begin successfully, and to progress regularly until they finally run out of leg assistance. At this point they will have conquered the functional mountain known as pull ups.

Some kids will complete the task in 6 weeks. Others will require 6 months or even more. But in the end, if they persist and are motivated by successfully making small but regular increments of progress, they will eventually cross the finish line. And as long as they maintain the ability to perform at least one conventional pull up, they will actively avoid the 21st century obesity trap for life. It’s about that simple.


Rick O.

Childhood Obesity Prevention/Rehabilitation/Motivation Specialist

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