One is Never a Statistic

$270,000,000,000 annually. Yes, that’s two hundred and seventy BILLION DOLLARS that the Association of Actuaries estimates America spends annually on obesity and related problems – as in every single year. And like obesity itself, that figure is not shrinking. It’s growing!

But that’s not all. According to the US Surgeon General statistics confirm that “Obesity America’s number one health threat.” Gleaning from their immense data bases, the Pentagon contends that “Obesity is a national security threat.” Absolutely stunning!

Bad New VS Good News
OK, that’s the bad news. Here’s the good news. If you’re reading this sentence you’re not a pile of statistics, a median, a set of odds or averages, and neither are your kids or your kid’s friends.

In fact personally I’ve never met or shaken hands with a statistic, an odd, or an average. This occasionally causes me question their validity, their legitimacy, their existence, and certainly their power over individual human beings like you and your kids.

Strong, Resilient, Self Reliant
This essay then is intended to address real live parents, and real live educators, who work with, and care about real live kids, with real live challenges, and real live potential that’s in dire need of real live cultivating, lest they live lives less than fully human. And if you reach them at a young enough age, there are very few of these real live kids who lack the innate talent to become strong, resilient, resourceful, and self reliant human beings. In fact truth be told, there are very few who lack the tools to become geniuses of one variety or another, if their talents are properly cultivated, and developed to their fullest potential.

To Hell With The Experts
That being the case I suggest we all say TO HELL WITH THE BUREAUCRATIC EXPERTS, their studies, their insidious webs of statistics, odds, and averages. Since their very existence is itself questionable, I suggest that they don’t apply to you, your kids, or your kid's friends.

They Can’t Prevent Even One...
Statistics cannot prevent even one individual parent or educator from showing even one individual child how to get stronger, more resilient, and more self reliant (the only legitimate goal of education) on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Nor can they prevent even one individual child from saying YES to, or from actively embracing those experiences that make them strong, resilient, and self reliant, happy, and fulfilled individuals.

From a philosophical standpoint, or even a religious perspective, there’s a reason why kids are born to parents instead of to school systems. Parents and kids can become a family unit and can treat one another as unique, one-of-a-kind individuals, instead of modern, mass produced products, a pile of statistics, a set of odds or averages. So I say cough up the conventional Kool-Aid, eliminate the indoctrinations, forget the experts, and take responsibility for yourself and your kids. After all, ONE IS NEVER A STATISTIC.


Rick O.

Childhood Obesity Prevention/Rehabilitation/Motivation Specialist

10+ hours
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