Comments Regarding the Importance of Learning and Understanding History- The road to WWII

Comments Regarding the Importance of Learning and Understanding History - The road to WWII.

I love History and I know it well.

In K-12 we studied history from Ancient times up to the modern history of the 1960’s. In College, I chose American, European and World History as part of my elective non-engineering subjects. My years in Electronic Engineering helped me to sharpen my analytical skills and I am able to analyze and comprehend any subject in History. I watch the History channels on TV frequently and I enjoy it very much. History is an extremely important subject since it enables us to learn what happened in the past, and if we understand it correctly we can avoid repeating past mistakes. For example modern European History (American and World history as well) should have taught us that policy of appeasement and projected weakness can only embolden the enemies of democracy, peace and freedom. WWII could have been avoided altogether if the axis of evil (Germany, Japan, and Italy) would have been confronted in the early 1930’s with strength, courage and resoluteness. It also should have taught us that it is not sufficient for the western democracies to be strong economically without a strong military power to defend them and deters any evil power from threatening them and/or their allies. It is important to remember that in the early 1930’s the western democracies (US, UK, France, Canada...) were better off economically compared to the dictatorships of Germany, Italy and Japan. Yet, while these evil regimes developed, built and strengthened their militaries, the western democracies did not. The policy of appeasement and projected weakness of the western democracies resulted in six years of WWII with its devastating consequences. I believe that a good student of modern history will be able to understand that today’s World is not unlike the world of the 1930’s.


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