SAT Study Group

Good Evening,

I am the Learning Assistance Coordinator for Pfeiffer University. I teach 3 developmental English courses on campus, coordinate the writing lab, train peer tutors, and also lead workshops for note taking, study skills, and test taking strategies. Starting April 6th, I will be holding a SAT study group on campus to help High School students with each part of the SAT. We will meet on Saturdays 9-12 (1 hour for each section of the SAT) and one hour on Sundays individually. The individual hour ensures that you are comprehending the material and get specific guidance for what you may be struggling to understand. These sessions will last for 12 weeks, but may continue further if there is enough interest. I have 2013 SAT study guides and practice tests directly from the college board. All of these materials will be included. Please e-mail me to become a part of this process.

Thank You,
Todd "Chip" D.


Chip D.

College Professor for Reading, Writing, Math, and Science Tutoring

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