Kids are not born a genius they can be created

I have seen multiple studies about kids not having any genius family history but instead are taught early to be a genius. I am not saying this is easy because the guy that did this with his kid had put in an enormous amount of hours and time to make his kid have the IQ he got by teaching him how to be smart. I believe not just preparing kids for college in the 8th grade but I strongly believe in getting kids to focus on learning from 1st grade through 6th. 5th and 6th grade is what I think is the most important because its a chance to advance the young kid to learn more than a public school can teach and even a private school. A tutor is very much a good start to making your kid smart in advanced classes. Start young and they will be able to gain college credits while in high school. This will get them scholarships and save the child on loans or the parents on tuition. I love working with kids and want to mentor a kid through grade school and watch him excel through high school and college.


Eric P.

I am a college graduate that runs a successful business

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