Tough Essay to Write?

The last student I tutored was presented with what seemed like an impossible task. She was to write a speech based on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech. But her speech was to include repetition of a concept, a theme, metaphors, and allusions. Tough order! So, we broke down the tasks. First we watched some videos on allusion (not to be confused with illusion!): or I would recommend that you start with videos for any concept that you don't fully understand. Once she watched the videos, we broke down the assignment. What else has themes, repetition, and metaphor/illusion? Songs! We decided to write a song with a chorus. The first step was to choose a topic: Dropping out of school. Bam! We have our "theme" and "concept". We chose to make it a conversation between my student and a fictional partner who was going to say things like "I'm dropping out because..." as the chorus. My student would then "respond" for the verses of the song. We incorporated some references to people who succeeded even though they failed (allusions!) and some hints about what would happen if she did drop out (metaphors!). This was definitely a success! A+ project!


Teri T.

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