Students, Pressure, and Making Sure You are Choosing the Right Tutor for Your Student

The amount of pressure being placed upon students in the 21st century is increasing everyday. Pressures can include students who struggle with a learning disabilities, pressure to get into a good college, even poor teaching professionals who have lost their desire to teach our youth, which can lead to struggling in multiple academic subject areas. Put yourself into the shoes of a primary school student in the 21st century. Hormones are taking over and a plethora of emotions are showing their ugly faces. And your child probably has a glazed look every time you are trying to provide some guidance. As a parent, you must be pulling your hair out...right? This is the beautiful thing about having a tutor come to you! In a comfortable environment, and an outside perspective will open the door to a whole new world. I promise you will see the benefit sooner than you may think.

So who is the right tutor for you? There are many tutors that offer their services in similar subjects. However, you must consider some important factors when making a decision:

1) Read the tutors profile thoroughly.

a. Through writing you should be able to obtain some knowledge about the tutor's personality. You want to make sure you match the personality of your child to someone with a similar personality. Consider this...If your child is shy, you may not want a tutor who has a strong, lively personality. Sure, that could help bring your child out of their shell, but realize that sometimes a child is intimidated by the fact of needing a tutor.

2) Are you seeking a tutor for a specific subject or does your child need multi-subject assistance?

a. Make sure the tutor has a good amount of experience and knowledge in the area in which you are seeking help for your child. It has been my experience that a Mathematician generally does not make a great English tutor. You may remember learning about the various regions of the brain and those who excel in Mathematics do not also excel in English and Humanities, such as Literature.

b. Try to be open to the fact that you may need more than one tutor to ensure your child excels in his/her academics. As tutors, we understand the need for families to budget; however, understand that you may end up wasting money as more than one subject can suffer due to the lack of knowledge in certain areas. Also, it could be quite damaging, especially if your child is have severe challenges.

3) Message your tutor and ask questions that may not have been answered within their profile.

a. Although some tutors, like myself, could write a novel when providing details about ourselves, we try to save you from that novel and try to limit description to key attributes that can help aid your decision in choosing a tutor. Remember, we have chosen to be tutors, which also means we are used to questions! And don't be afraid to ask questions, you may think a question isn't relevant; however, after asking a whole door may open that provides exactly the information you were seeking.

4) It’s never too late to search for a tutor. Think of a tutor as a fresh set of eyes!

a. I have found that sometimes a tutor is exactly what a child needs to grasp areas in which they are struggling. Remember, a tutor can shed light as to why the student is struggling. Think of a tutor as a kind of mediator between you, as their parent, and a teacher who they may not connect with or a teacher that does not adapt lesson plans to meet the needs of all students.

Hopefully you will consider some of these points when seeking your next tutor. Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have!

Happy Studying!



Emily N.

Tulane Graduate With a Passion for Tutoring!

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