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Tutoring FAQ

Q: Where do you usually tutor?
A: If you are in my travel radius, I will come to your home! I also tutor in libraries, coffee shops, and my apartment - wherever you and I can work and study together comfortably.

Q: What does your travel radius include?
A: My travel radius is 5 miles from the Westwood Blvd and Wilshire Blvd intersection. You can use google maps to see how far I need to drive to get to your address (or send me a note and I will let you know). Currently I have students in Westwood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Mar Vista, Culver City, Beverly Hills, and even West Hollywood and Beverly Glen - all within my travel range.

Q: I'm outside of your travel radius, but I think you will be the best fit for my tutoring needs! Can we make this work?
A: Yes! If you are outside of my driving range, you have two options: 1) I often meet students at my apartment, local libraries, or other study areas that are within my travel radius. 2) If you still want me to come to your home, I can increase my hourly rate to compensate for the additional travel expenses.

Q: How do I schedule sessions?
A: Send me an email or text message (written communication is best) as soon as you know that you need to schedule a session, and let me know what days/times work best for you. Depending on the week/day, I may be completely booked a few days out. Don't wait until 2 days before your test to get in touch with me - I am often booked days in advance. But if you need help asap, give me a call and I'll try my best to fit you in!

You can also schedule weekly sessions - this makes sense for students who want to check in every week on their homework and their new topics, or for students who need to catch up. The majority of my students are all caught up and only need sessions once a month or every other week (often as a test review, or if one topic in particular is difficult).

Q: How late or how early can lessons be?
A: As of right now - I have tutored as early as 9AM, and I have tutored as late as 11:30PM - if you need my help, I am willing to be there before - or after - hours. I will be taking a full-time job sometime in the next few months, however, and when that occurs my availability during the week will be limited to evenings.

Q: What days in your schedule fill up far in advance?
A: Right now, Sundays are my most popular day. Monday and Thursday nights I have regular meetings

Q: How long are sessions?
A: Sessions must be at least an hour long. Some of my students prefer to work for 1.5 or 2 hours at a time, which is great - just let me know when you schedule the session how much time you want.

Q: Can I have a session shorter than 1 hour?
A: Yes and no. In person sessions must be at least an hour long due to the travel. My students may not realize this, but travel is usually 20-30 minutes each direction. I think it is wasteful to spend 1 hour (or even 40 minutes!) driving for a session less than an hour. If you schedule an hour lesson and end it early, I will still charge for 1 hour. Make sure you have enough material to make full use of the time!

Ways to have a session shorter than 1 hour:
-We meet at the Westood Library or my apartment for tutoring
-We conduct an online tutoring session instead of in-person
-You live within 5 minutes of my location.


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