You mean enjoying to read helps one get a high score on the SAT??

Here's a thought. A student in Philadelphia (close to where I used to live) received a perfect 2400 on her Scholastic Aptitude Test recently. To what did she attribute her high score? Well, she has read a lot ever since she was in primary school. But more importantly, she LIKES to read. Have you noticed that you often do well in a subject or a sport or just about any activity if you actually enjoy doing it? I think that's just common sense, but since I have a background in social science research, I'm sure hundreds of researchers have done studies to test out this "hypothesis."

"But how did she get a perfect score on the math section," you might be thinking. Well, she also likes to read math books too. Think about it. Reading is reading, so if you read a book about math or science, and enjoy what you're reading, even if the book has "exercises" or "tests" for you to complete, the chances are you will do well on those too.

One way people prepare for the SAT is through "mnemonics," which is a term used to describe a tool to help you remember. You may be able to memorize formulas like PEMDAS "Please excuse my Dear Aunt Sally," which, if you've ever studied algebra might be something your teacher taught you to help recall the chronology of functions in solving an equation, but it won't help you with most anything else, because you are not truly understanding why you're doing what you're doing. Here are two mnemonics I learned in school: HOMES and BANGS. OK, the first is designed to help you remember the names of the five Great Lakes on the Canadian/U.S. border: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. Now that's something great to have in your memory bank, right? Mmmm..Can't say I've had much use for that one. BANGS is a device to help you remember which types of adjectives go before the noun in French. And they are adjectives that refer to beauty, age, number, gender, and size. However, if you end up studying a language using this type of device, you might end up disliking the subject. So, my advice is to find ways of liking learning.

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