Be consistent

Let's face it "most" people really do not understand the language of Math and this is why you often hear people say, "I don't like math" or "I was never really good at math". Mathematics is a language of and unto itself. If you understand the language, then you understand the content. If you understand the content, then the processes become a piece of cake to learn and employ.

So, here's why I say be consistent. When learning a new language, you need to practice it on an ongoing and consistent basis in order to really grasp it. It's not something you can put down and pick up when you like. It is something that you must use all the time. The language and process of math are the same way. I've found, after so many years of teaching and tutoring, that many students do not have a strong sense of numbers. They see numbers as foreign bodies floating aimlessly in space, completely unconnected to their everyday world.

I try to build a students' sense of numbers to help them make connections and construct their own knowledge base for working with numbers. I need, teachers need, we need parents to reinforce the ideas and concepts that are being taught both in school and during tutoring. Don't let the learning end at 3 pm, after the bell has rang. Keep it going!!. Be consistent!!


Asiya J.

Patient, Creative and EFFECTIVE, Certified Math Teacher/Tutor (14 yrs)

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