Spring Fever!

All around the United States, the same fever is spreading. The "Let's leave Winter behind" and "let's start Spring." Even people who don't have gardens are coming out of their burrows to schedule bicycle rides, walks around the neighborhood, jogs along pathways, schedule engagements across a table of an outdoor cafe. The catalogs are filled with benches, deck furniture, plants and seeds, mulch and gardening tools to entice people from their winter cocoon. Spring fever!!

It's first a mental thing, where the mind thirsts for sunshine, warmer temperatures and the shedding of coats, boots and having to bring in the plants at the first sign of a threat of frost. It's an act of breathing the air, peeling off the layers that covered the body during the cold temperatures and the gloomy winter months. The mind and spirit want to breathe fresh, smell different scents, listen to chirping sounds, feel the cool breeze and the noises of people coming out of their homes to start anew.

Spiritually, the soul has hibernated and needs the freshness of new thoughts. Abandon the dreariness of winter and automatically shift gears into an awakening of the mind to a sweet smelling period of pleasant sights, clean air, bright days, warm temperatures. Not unlike bears, we come out of our burrows, start smiling, create different thoughts and lift the spirit up.

The mind starts actively planning new clothes, new gardens, new landscaping, new tasks, new projects, new adventures, potential trips and future vacations. We make such a big difference between the dark months of winter, the early shadowy evenings and the brightness of spring and summer. Our thoughts are different, out outlook is brighter, our spirit renewed and our mental attitude freshened. We plan, organize, clean... it's all in the mind. Much more than a birthday celebration, we are re-birthed during this period to start a new escapade, a different adventure. A time frame much more optimistic, brighter in spirit and mentally stronger as we come out of our winter habitats. We notice nature more intently with sharper eyes, even though it never left and change our mental mechanism. Just like nature renews itself, trees grow new leaves, bugs start scurrying around, plants develop new growth, humans re-start our engines, change our outlook, think spring cleaning and summer fun. Yes, indeed, Spring Fever is in the air!!!



Colette J.

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