Learning Spanish? Most Spanish Teachers teach the alphabet but do NOT cover pronunciation well!

After tutoring Spanish for the last 8 years, it has come to my attention that although students have to learn the names of the Spanish alphabet, teachers rarely give students a pronunciation chart that will help the be able to read new words that they see. I have made this chart for many of my students and welcome you to print it and use it to help your child or teen.

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Chart

a- short o (like hot)

b- b

c- c

d- d

e- short e (egg)

f- f

g- g

ge or gi= h

h- silent

i- long e (eat)

j- h

k- k

l- l

ll- y

m- m

n- n

ñ- ny

o- long o (boat)

p- p

qu- k

r- r

s- s

t- t

u- long u (suit)

v- v

w- w

x- ks

y- y

z- z


Ivie S.

Patient Special Ed Teacher with MA and K-12 experience

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