Yesterday was a Great Day

What a way to start off the New Year! First I met with a student for US History and Living Environment. She is taking the Regents exams in three weeks. When I first met with her, Cee had a fear of taking exams, and was very nervous. She struggled with understanding both subjects; the Historical Events and dates, as well as the vocabulary words for Biology. Her next struggles were understanding and answering the document based questions for US History and the short responses for LE. Now she answers them much more confidently and accurately, and has even improved in writing her document based and thematic essays for US History. I am so proud of her and is certain that she will pass both Regents exams.

Then I met with my grade 4 student for Math, English Language Art and Science. He has gone from scoring 31% to 83% on his practice science exam. He is much more confident with doing Math and ELA assignments. I am so proud of him. Then it was on to my grade 6 Math student.

When I met her she was so shy and had a slight fear of doing Math. Each week I would have her practice previous problems as well as try new ones, and slowly but surely I would notice the improvement and confidence in her. However, everytime I quizzed her, she would always score in the 60s. Well, yesterday HL scored an 88%. She finished quickly and confidently. I am so proud of her.

Just a few moments that make me feel proud to be a tutor :), and to be a part of these students' lives.



Gilant P.

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