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Studying for the SAT Math Section

Be sure to download the Daily SAT Question of the Day. Only every third day is math, the the English lessons are also of value. The math examples are very similar to the actual test in that they expect the student to think carefully about that which has been asked, be meticulous in the calculations, and be reluctant to guess at the answer, since a percentage of the incorrect answers are subtracted from the total score. In preparation it is very helpful to learn the special triangles from Geometry and be prepared for either abstract or non-intuitive dimensions. For example, in a 30 - 60 - 90 right triangle, one would expect the side opposite the 60 degree angle to contain the square root of 3, but often it is one of the other sides that contains this or some other square root. If one understands the ratios that apply in this example it is still possible to rapidly solve the problem.