Your French Summer

Instead of forgetting all the French you have learned in class throughout the year, why not spend several months in France without leaving your house. The stress of passing tests, studying late at night, finishing homework is over, and summer is right around the corner. Relax in your chaise-longue, drink une limonade, stroll through the Musee du Louvre, order your French baguette and select your Parisian meal while perusing a French menu. All this can happen if you continue your studies of the French language during the summer by conversing in French, going over some difficult grammar, learning new vocabulary, planning your next visit to Paris or studying the history of Montmartre or the charm of Les Marais. Stretch your French adventure through the summer, return from your visionary trip to France, refreshed from your Parisian journey, more knowledgeable than other students in your class.... just because you decided to continue your tutoring classes throughout the summer by spending some leisure time in Paris...



Colette J.

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