PI Day Challenge 2013 "Genius"

... no, I didn't begin on PI Day (3/14). I got onto on the following day conquered the challenge by 1 am on 3/16. The last puzzle was actually a series of 5 puzzles that, if you didn't solve them all in one sitting, you would have to do the work over again. Some of the games are based upon algebra, geometry, and calculus (yes, 1 of the puzzles' second part was easily done w/calculus or uneasily done through algebraic approximation). Five of the puzzles were loosely based on chemistry principles, but masked as a game. Remember electrons binding with other atoms?

There was 1 "binary" puzzle for those who are computer programmers, a couple of "history" puzzles (I didn't know how to spell "Pythagorean"), ... and yes, there were logic puzzles, including 1 rush hour.

I'm on the genius board. :-) This is my third year in a row! Many try, but few succeed. In 2012, approximately 10% became a "genius" for the year (from PI day to PI day). So far, it seems to be about the same percentage this year.

Take the plunge! How far can you go? There are now some "hints" in the comments.

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