Books to help your child, this will help you understand them, you help them

Some books that I have found to be very useful for parents, whether that is to help your child become organized or just better understand where your child is 'coming from'...these can help you help them. ;-)

I would also recommend calling Half Price Books, to see if they have a copy. If you can wait a week, they might be able to get a copy from another store.

To help your child to 'get organized', especially if they do the work, but never can seem to find it (when they get to class) but do find it eventually when they get home...a lot of good tips
9780743270205 The Organized Student by Donna Goldberg

Learn more about your exceptionally bright child that doesn't seem to be able to talk or be bright with other people (school, etc.)
9780465081417 The Einstein Syndrome by Thomas Sowell (avail. at Amazon) do not get the earlier book, this one is updated This will help you understand why your child did not speak much till 3 or 4 yrs of age.



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