Turning a frown into a smile!

What happens when you walk into a tutoring session and encounter a sad, teary eyed student? Well, it's your job to turn that frown into a smile.

I walked in on this exact scene a few sessions a go with a student. I had planned a great session that included going over practice problems for upcoming state tests, playing a game, and making note cards. I could tell that the practice problems and note cards were going to have to wait, and the game, which I like to end my session with, would be the focus.

Phase 10 came out and my student immediately got curious. He had never played such a game. Aha! I had an idea. I gave my student the directions and had him teach me how to play the game. Not only was Phase 10 a game of logic now, it also became a game of reading comprehension. Reading, summarizing, and analyzing are all key in teaching some one how to play a new game.

After a few rounds, my student's frown had disappeared. Instead of going back to my original plan, I decided to stick with the phase 10 game to create a trivia game. My student and I would take turns asking question about something he was learning. To earn points, we chose a Phase 10 card when we answer a question correctly and multiplied it by our current total number of points to get a new total. My student loved it because he could earn hundreds of points in a few rounds!



Anna D.

Elementary/ Middle School Whiz

50+ hours
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