If I Could Go Back In Time...

If I could go back in time, and give one valuable piece of information to my younger self, what might that be? This is a question prompt from Wyzant's Tutors Blog.

I would tell Rachel Jr. to stay focused. In every young mind willing to learn, there is a conscience that one can choose to listen to or ignore for the time being. Never put off today's struggle for tomorrow's hardship. Once you make a commitment to something, see it through. Never give up. Believe in yourself. It is so much easier to follow what you know works best for yourself, than to sell yourself short and regret it later. Take advantage of opportunities, or else they will take advantage of you. Being a leader means knowing how to follow your own rules as well as someone else's. Trust yourself, because ultimately only you know what is best for yourself. Procrastination is your enemy. Today is your test, and you are your own teacher.

-Rachel Sr.


Rachel M.

ESL & French Tutor

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