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Rather than repeat my open response, I would just like to take the opportunity to thank this site for its creation. I was referred to this service by one of my old professors from Skyline College in San Bruno, CA. Everyday, I wake up looking for a purpose i-n the morning. Education is a two-way street. Getting diplomas and degrees is a function of being a hard-working student coupled with knowledgeable professors, supportive friends and family and persistence. Being a tutor is a chance to provide encouragement and academic success to students in need of strengthening their weaknesses. Getting a new student is like the first day of school for me because we will learn from each other. One-way lecturing is no fun. Students will get light-heartedness, patience and follow-through until they are satisfied with results. When they take the test we are working towards, I will feel like I am behind them, cheering them on.


Encouragement, support, academic success are keys to a successful tutoring session ..


Marvin B.

Double MBA graduate flexible tutor looking to help

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