Last week before March SAT - Don't Panic

We've finally entered the final week before the March 9th SAT test. All my students have been working very hard, and your dedication is about to pay off. Just remember during this last week to practice the methods I've taught you so that they're second nature come test time. I wouldn't recommend studying at all past Thursday - remember what I've taught you about cramming vs. resting your brain. You're going to do great, so just remember my face - like you've seen countless times in our lessons - reminding you, "Don't. Panic."

Here are some other good reminders for test day:
-Get plenty of sleep the night before. You need a rested brain to reason properly
-Eat a good breakfast that includes some protein. One of the worst feelings is being hungry halfway through the test
-Bring three no. 2 pencils, a calculator (you can use a graphing one), your admission ticket, photo ID, and a snack
-Don't. Panic.

Good luck to you all. I know that you'll all use the methods well and get great scores.


Kurtis H.

An 8-year teacher just returned from teaching in Japan

50+ hours
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