Tutoring is key component of making a difference in the job market

An emerging innovation wave in education is MOOC, massively open online courses. These are courses offered by startup companies who provide a platform for professors or other knowledgeable people to package their expertise in an online course. They are also offered by traditional colleges and universities as a way to offer continuing education to graduates and to the public and as a way to have prospective future students engage with the school.

I wonder if a MOOC movement will develop where students pool together and take a sequence of courses and then take a professional certification exam. It seems to me that this would be a great way for the working public to gain new job related skills and get a foothold in anew career or advance in their current careers.

If this materializes there will be a need for tutors and coaches to help these self directed students along. Thoughts?


I am definitely interested in finding out more about this!


Chosen C.

Ivy League grad whose kids graduated from Cornell and Yale

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