Wow! One of my 8th graders got a perfect 800 on the January SAT Critical Reading test! 2270 overall. This is historic!

Congratulations to Alex Z., in my Critical Reading Class at Focus Education. For the past year or so Alex has been writing critical analyses of articles in TIME Magazine based on prompts I assign. While Alex is obviously super gifted, he's thrived in the class, and will be continuing even now-- despite having gotten a perfect 800 score in a test designed for kids 3 years older than he is!

WOW! An eighth grader with already a 2270 on an official SAT! He could skip high school and go straight to the Ivy League (although I might suggest Williams or Amherst instead). Should I be proud or what?

Congratulations also to Ryan of Santa Clarita-- who was accepted today at UC Irvine. Just the first of many "fat envelopes" I expect will be arriving (digitally) this spring.

Not to mention my student in Bel Air Crest: a fourth grader who just wrote a fantastic paper on "Wuthering Heights." She's already catching onto SAT techniques, too. In a few months she'll be ready to take a full practice test.




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