Getting Started!

Hello to all you Happy Learners!

I am just setting up my profile and getting all my qualifying exams completed for subjects I am qualified and experienced in for teaching.

There will be new posts as we get things set up here.

For astronomy and science tutoring help, I can make my self and my home astronomical observatory available as part of the learning experience. I have multiple telescopes and some basic CCD astrophotography equipment which could be used for an astronomical observing project students may want to do and hand in as a project grade in science or specific astronomy class...this is always a great deal of fun and there is much to learn and do with telescopes, computer control of the telescope, CCD camera and autoguider as well as the reading of star charts and catalogues too! Let me know via my email link if you are interested in this service and we can discuss the possible projects we could do.




Mark R.

Enthusiastic Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy Tutoring

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