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Times are definitely changing in the world of education. Today, as with all things twenty-first century, there are no limits to a student's education. This is absolutely exciting since so many 'schools without walls' have adopted various technologies during the past few years to enable students excel academically. As an advanced tutor, it makes me dance in my shoes. Universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and MIT have posted several free virtual lectures for the average student on education applications via android devices, iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

Today, I want to introduce some fantastic techniques to approach tutoring that will benefit the student who cannot meet physically with a tutor, or maybe a student who is in a town on one end of the United States while their tutor is at the opposite end of the map. Yes, tutoring can now be employed with the use of fantastic applications such as Skype and Scribblar.

Skype: This is a tool by which a tutor can see his/her student via a downloaded software on either a pc, tablet, or smart phone. What both parties need to do is visit where they can download this tool and register. As far as both parties have a webcam device, the tutoring session would be as good as a physical one. This tool can also be utilized for unpaid first time meetings and/or parent/guardian-tutor interviews.

Scribblar: I've personally found Scribblar to be an exciting tutoring tool. Many high schools, colleges, and universities already use this tool for their long-distance education programs. The educators need to be registered, but the students don't need to be as they can sign in as 'Guests.' This tool enables teachers to write, draw, or attach documents, and what makes it great is that it is LIVE, i.e. the student sees everything in real time just as the teacher is writing, drawing, or sending documents. It is a White Board application and it's the same as writing on a chalk board in a physical classroom. Scribblar has amazing features such as audio, video, and chat. Teachers and students can also take snap-shots of ongoing lectures to save for future reference.

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Thanks Jennifer I was thinking the same thing. In fact I have used skype for a student once but I'm not sure how to use this to reach tutoring opportunities in outside states since it seems we're restricted to our respective regions.It would surely be more competitive having to compete with tutors from outside your home base state but there are some states with so many students but so few tutors.

I have an autistic high school son and getting him to school is a big problem.The school has been completely useless and actually threatened us with a $6000 fine for Education Neglect. I can't afford to school him at home so I have started to think of something radical and move to Thailand /Malaysia ( it's much cheaper to live}  , distance educate him using Skype and online tutors. Has been done or is this the future orI am  just crazy
It depends on the State you want to tutor in, as you rightly stated. Wyzant recently introduced an online tutoring platform where you can reach students outside your home base state. 
Distance-learning is getting more and more popular so you are not alone. However, it's also important that you get your son registered in a formal long-distance high school and then let a tutor help him with his school work on the side. He can be home-schooled but you don't need to do it alone, there are formal home-schooling options out there that he can be registered for (they will send him all the materials he needs for his classes). 
Jennifer A.
Does the tutor use the Wyzant online tutoring platform in conjunction with Skype and scribbler? Or can a tutor use Skype and scribbler separately from the Wyzant online tutoring platform? Is a tutor allowed to put a link on their Wyzant profile to their scribbler room?
Thanks, I want to get started with this kind of tutoring, but I'm an old grandma :-) well ok not super old, but still a Nana...and I could use some help with how this works.
Thanks much,
Jennifer J
Jennifer J,
Wyzant has it's own independent platform so there's no need to use it in conjunction with skype or scribblar. But you can use it in conjunction if you prefer. Or you can choose to use either Skype or Scribblar without using Wyzant's platform. It doesn't matter what method you choose to tutor a student with, but there should be an agreement (preferably written) between you and the student/caretaker as to what method you choose so that there are no discrepancies in the future when you are putting in your hours.
According to Wyzant's FAQs:
Q: Am I permitted to exchange phone numbers or Skype account information with a prospective student?
A: Yes, but only after the client has entered valid payment information. You can verify that a student has payment information on file by reading the payment status notification when sending emails to the student.
Lastly, I'm not sure what Wyzant's policy is with regards to putting up external links on your profile.
Wishing you the very best in tutoring world...


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