Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Repetition is the key to improving word recognition with students having difficulty in reading. The more exposure students have with words the more those words become familiar to them. Helping them to recognize words in different print type and anywhere increases reading skills. Word cards like flash cards are an interesting way to help our struggling readers to repeat and retry words they need to be familiar with.

I remember my mother reading to me at the early age of 3. I still can remember parts of the story and how the pages would turn as she read. I remember emulating trying to read the story myself based upon the short term memory after she left the book in my lap. Even riding on a subway train in Philadelphia, Pa. she would ask me what does this word say? I would recall that word from what I remembered seeing it in a book. Parents can give children a love for reading by introducing new stories and re-reading old ones. Stories expose us to new words, new experiences and helps us to capture and extend new imagery.


Taunja S.

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