Education's purpose.

One of history's greatest minds is a man named Mahatma Gandhi. I remember reading about him when I was a little boy. One of the most profound statements he made was: "Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern but difficult to enslave." When I reflect on the course of history, I could see the reality of this truth all around the world. Educated people know what their rights are and when to stand up and say no. They cannot be enslaved as in the days gone by because they have been liberated; they are now familiar with the concepts of freedom, justice, and equality, and they can share these with oppressed people and mobilize them to overturn dictators. Today, democratic governments act in accordance with the people's will and often place the nation's interest first.Since the world is now one big global community, eastern civilizations are taking an active role in trying to achieve the freedoms that the west enjoy. Education has made it possible to communicate and expose corruption, thereby making people more accountable. Education's purpose is to instil in the student the principles of good manners so that he can have self-respect and respect for others, be a law abiding citizen, acquire learning and attain maturity in body and mind. He can then take up his rightful role in society, make a worthwhile contribution to nation building, and upgrade his own standard of living. My own life is proof that education produces positive behavioral changes. All our scientific discoveries may shake the world, but our principles of good behavior will give it stability.


Joel C.

Joel's Success Tutoring

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