Success through a Dialogical Approach in Teaching, Teaching from the Back of the Classroom, Teaching in the Round

Over the past 5 years I have had significant success in teaching in the subject areas of drama, theatre, writing, applied art and theatre aesthetics, contemporary philosophy, and dramatic practice and theory. Young people who have worked with me on the mid- and high school level, in special education settings, and at the college and university level, have achieved considerable success in graduating from school, and continuing their education on the college and university level. A large number of my former students has entered the professional work force in theatre and the entertainment industry, either as interns or employees of established and well respected theatrical institutions such as the Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf, The Lookingglass Theatre, and Irondale Ensemble Project in New York City.

Students who have worked with me at the German National Theater in Weimar, Germany, have gone on to study at the Bauhaus University of Weimar, and the Staatliche Hochschule fuer Musik and Darstellende Kunst Hamburg, the State Conservatory for Music and Theatre of the city state of Hamburg, Germany.

Two of my graduate directing students from the University of Alberta's Department of Drama successfully graduated with their Masters of Fine Arts in Directing (M.F.A.), just recently, in the summer 2012. My qualities as a teacher and peer-mentor to my students are: emphasis on critical and independent thinking, synthesis and integration of different subject areas into a global, interdisciplinary understanding of the world and its categories and values, the appreciation of becoming a live long learner, com-passion, versatility, agility and reflection, the ability to apply the process of learning and understanding with a sense of deep penetration to any subject area of their choice, and a solid nuts and bolts/ tools oriented learning approach that aims at the implementation of the knowledge and craft skills into the student's work and life.


Sven M.

Ivy League Graduate and University Professor available for Tutoring

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