Your Mind Is A Parachute

The phrase that I remember since I was in elementary school and frequently saw the posters through out several Institutions of Learning was "Your Mind Is Like A Parachute. It Only Works If It Is Open". That phrase always stuck with me. Sometimes in life we often get stuck with the notion that when something is too difficult we don't venture out to make any attempts to master the skill. We struggle because our minds are closed to believing that we can be achieve or accomplish that difficult task. But if we open our minds to the possibilities, and maybe try it at another approach, or see it in a different way, the possibility of overcoming that difficult task won't seem as difficult but obtainable. And oh, what sense of accomplishment that will be if our attitudes are willing to be persistent and be willing to persevere through the adversity. Is your mind like a parachute?


Taunja S.

Experienced Tutoring Queen Making Learning Easy

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