I'm BACK! With fresh ideas and gentle outlook

Hello everyone! Or should I say kazoozampola! That is Dzongkha (the national language of Bhutan) for HELLO!

After a few months away in the Land of the Thunder Dragon, the Kingdom of Bhutan, teaching at the Royal University of Bhutan, I am back and ready to see you. I am ready to apply some of the insights into teaching that I gained on this last adventure.

Every year or so I try to freshen my approach to teaching. Subjects don't change that much. Let's face it - spelling stays pretty much the same, as does the pronunciation of words, and the structure of a sentence. But HOW to teach these topics -whether to a high school student struggling with essay writing or a business executive getting prepared for a presentation, or a non-native speaker hoping to improve his job prospects - refreshing teaching methods keeps me fresh, and keeps you interested (and helps towards better results).

A few years ago I took some ASL (American Sign Language) courses to help inform my teaching. I wanted to be on the other side of the desk. I wanted to be challenged as a student. I wanted to learn in silence - opposite most of *my* teaching - speech, English, language skills. A wonderful experience, to be sure.

So, now I am back with Bhutan in my tool box.

I look forward to hearing from you- my former students as well as those of you looking.

My teaching is always fresh and fun and now it is refreshed and ready!


Very interesting especially that Buthan's culture is different. Can share about your cultural approach in your teaching. Thank you


Suzie S.

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