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Why tutoring? Specifically FINRA exams.

Sitting in a classroom with 50 other students is a very effective way to get introduced to the Series 7 exam and the material. But it seems every student I work with says the same 2 things..”It’s very general in nature” and at some point they had a question about a particular point and the instructor responded with” I can’t spend a lot of time going over this and I have to move on” very frustrating situations.

Sitting in a classroom with 50-100 of your peers is not conducive to learning... Who wants to be that annoying person who keeps asking them to repeat or clarify a point? The teacher just rolls on ever forward because he has a schedule to keep and has to hit on all the points regardless of the quality of instruction. Some of the teachers haven’t been in the business in many years if at all and sometimes if you ask for clarity they can’t answer because they only know it from the readings.

One on on tutoring or semi private lessons can mean the difference between passing and failing, between keeping your job and being let go. A lot of my students spend a LOT of time just memorizing the definitions and not really understanding the actual securities. I usually get students after they don’t pass the first time, and I have to bring them back to the basics. Another hurdle is all the free advice they receive and invariably it is always just take exams over and over again, that kind of advice keeps me swimming in students. The key to this test is reading, reading, reading. Yes the exams are valuable but every hour you spend taking a practice final is an hour you are NOT studying. Most of my time is spent” connecting the dots” bridging the gap between the definitions and real world application of the material in the exam.

Just a few hours spent with a knowledgeable tutor can raise scores by as much as 50%. Sometimes it’s just a small piece that is missing or a misunderstanding. I adjust my style depending on the needs of my student I can be a tough taskmaster or a comforting mentor, some students just need to discuss the material and don’t need a primer on the whole industry. I have a few students that say they do not learn well in a classroom and prefer to have me teach them from the beginning. That is the beauty of a tutor I can adjust to what suits the student best. Also the Tutor ends up having a personal interest in the student and I have definitely received the 2am (not happy they are studying that late but...) call to clarify an answer they just can’t seem to comprehend.

Tutors talk with the student not at them and we can actually give a lot of insight to the upcoming exams that a instructor of a large class could not. We also are sometimes more of just a therapist for the nervous student who knows the material but is just so anxious that they are affecting their studying or the ability to prepare for the exam. In reality a good tutor becomes more of a mentor and a major part of the student’s preparation and eventual success. I still text, email goes out for drinks with quite a few of my students and I feel we have become friends. Some just want to talk to someone in the industry who won’t judge or hold it against them but give them good feedback, with the exam and in their career.