How to know which tutor is right?

As you peruse the list of amazing tutors here at WyzAnt, a challenge arises. How do you KNOW which one is right for you or your student? Well, you may not know this, but you can continue to exchange emails with a tutor for as long as you like. Get your questions answered. If the tutor isn't interested in emailing with you to allay your fears and answer your questions, that speaks volumes. Frankly, I would assume that the tutors here at WyzAnt are eager to answer your questions.

Hey, I too may have questions. I know I always have questions for my potential students. I am curious to know how particular students learn, and what difficulties they face. I want to know how the parents feel about the situation, and how they would define progress and success. You see, we each become a piece of the puzzle and the solution. When you begin a journey, you buy travel books, maps, and contact the businesses and tourist attractions in the destination city..

So too with tutoring. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions. I am eager to help your student learn. Remember, looking for a tutor is your first step in a journey to change. Everyithing will be fine. Trust me: the right tutor awaits you. Begin. Just begin.



Kate K.

Let's Work Together: You Can Succeed With the Right Tools and Tutor

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