Meeting the World Through Students

I have only recently joined WyzAnt. I have been teaching ESL and drama for more than 30 years, in a number of countries, to students from many places. Not only teaching, but realizing that there are wonderful people everywhere remains a continued joy I get through the experience of sharing my knowledge with those who enjoy receiving it.

As an introductory blog, I feel that my website which focuses on ideas for creative teaching, with original writing, expresses who I am as a teacher. The website features many sections that include scripts, creative writing, grammar cartoons, and interesting links for teachers and students.

I also write for Suite 101 which is an online magazine. I largely write on creative teaching in the ESL and drama classrooms, but also have some articles on cooking and travel. Search under the articles heading and a complete list of them will appear. I have 73 articles there and I really enjoy participating in this freelance magazine.

Hoping everyone will enjoy the sites and find the teaching and learning articles of interest.


Lucille L.

ESL & Drama teacher uses creativity and thoroughness to teach

10+ hours
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