The World's Shortest, Quickest Writing Course

Writing? Can writing be easy?

The fear of writing, called "Writer's Block," most likely results from the fear of failing to write that "Perfect" something.

The cure for Writer's Block? Just write words, any words, until meaningful words creep onto the page. In short order, the writing begins to make sense, and ideas flow. Ban worry, oust your inner censor...write.

Edit later.

How to edit?


* Use short sentences

* Use active voice

Example: The cat ate the fish. (active)


The fish was eaten by the cat. (passive)
* Get rid of as many forms of the verbs "To be, To have, To do, or Can" as possible

* Get rid of as many adverbs as possible

* Create new, but similar, phrases to replace cliches

* Use only "Said" with dialog

Study these paragraphs...

Sample #1:

Many tools for helping students to write are found on the Internet. And access to these tools can be immediately obtained by searching with search engines such as Google and Bing. This makes research and writing as easy as pie.

But, beware! Just copying and pasting the writing of other people into your word processing program can be called, "Plagiarism." You should exercise caution, or you could get caught.

Compare with this sample that follows the rules...

Sample #2:

Use Google or Bing tools for high-speed writing and research. But avoid electron-speed Plagiarism. Copying other people's writing springs a trap that snaps on your backside when you are caught.

Which selection is concise, dynamic and potent?

Did our course intensify and solidify your writing skills?


Joseph C.

Tutor, Mentor and Coach

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