Maintain skill and knowledge during the summer, start to master upcoming subjects

Some students forget their skills and knowledge of subjects during the summer because they do not practice and receive tutoring.

Other students maintain or increase their skill and knowledge during the summer by practicing and receiving tutoring on their subjects(s).

To help maintain skill and knowledge level, many parents and students are having me provide tutoring during the summer for one or both of the following reasons:
1. tutoring for reviewing current subjects for practice and maintenance or enhancement of knowledge and skill levels
2. tutoring on upcoming subjects for learning so that when the student starts back after the summer, not only are they still at an enhanced skill and knowledge level for current subjects, but they can master the upcoming subjects from the beginning because they have received a preview and practice during the summer.

Starting on May 30, the parents are having me tutor their student(s) in various subjects on one the following frequencies: once/week, once/2weeks, once/3weeks or once/month. In most cases the student is borrowing the text books from the school for the summer and we are using the school textbook so that the student has the exact material that they have covered for current subjects, or will cover in the fall.

I am also tutoring students in summer school, and they have their summer school textbooks.

Parents and students who have received summer tutoring from me in the past years have indicated that this a very important success factor for the best grades.

Please contact me to arrange a tutoring session.

All the best,


John M.

Vice President, Chemical Engineer, Scientist, Tutor, Trainer, Coach

1750+ hours
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