Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

“Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”

In Math subjects the Math Order of Operations is very important to solve the problem correctly.

The phrase listed above is an easy way to remember the correct Math Order of Operations:

Please = P = Parenthesis

Excuse = E = Exponent

My = M = Multiplication

Dear = D = Division

Aunt = A = Addition

Sally = S = Subtraction

I tutor all Math subjects.

As a Chemical Engineer, I have completed college graduate level math subjects, and I was always at the top 3 in my class in Math subjects.

As a tutor, the Math subjects are the most frequent subjects that I tutor.

Please contact me to not only learn your Math subjects, but to relate to their practical application.

Also as an added bonus, I can show you how this Math knowledge can be applied to savings and personal finance to save and make you money.

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