After successfully completing the necessary Sub-Teacher Training, one of the requirements was to write our insights on education. I'd like to share this with the WyzAnt community:

My Philosophy of Education

To be educated means to be able to communicate effectively with peers, teachers, and the community. These traits are encouraged throughout a individual's academic career. It is first shown at an elementary level, where students' learn the necessary skills for basic academic achievement. If a person has mastered this level then they are prepared for secondary education, keeping in mind that the academic skills are increasingly challenging. At a High School level, this is to now concentrate on re-organizing the students' challenges into obtaining new skills and focusing on a career of interest.

To summarize, students should seek the opinion of those that would provide them with the guidance and resources in achieving or exceeding their academic needs. It also includes utilizing their academic strengths, while tapping into, and resolving the weaknesses. Set an educational plan, proceed forward with goals. If for some reason the plan is not feasible, it's not the end of the world. Re-organize your education goals. Prioritize. Most important, there will always be an expert in this field who will have a genuine interest in advising and recommend to students' their best career objective.



Joan K Educational Credentials

5+ hours
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