Struggling to Pass

In the Fall of 2010 Antoninette G. came to me needing help to pass her college Accounting class. Her grade was barely above passing and she was getting lost with the material as the course went on. We began meeting for 2 hrs a week and started reviewing her chapters and covering homework assignments. Soon she began making progress and was passing weekly tests and getting credit for homework turned in. In the middle of the semester she requested from her teacher to turn in back assignments and was given permission. Even for partial credit - these back assignments pulled her grade up a little. We worked on and completed her semester project of creating a small company and keeping the Acctg books for 1 month. Finally we studied for 3 hours before her final which she passed. She was so surprised and received a B in the class and earned her credits.


Gary L.

Accountant/Algebra Coach

50+ hours
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