I love showing children the respect they deserve. This makes all the difference in the world.

I pride myself in having the patience to explain things in more ways than one, so that children don't get frustrated. Being very personable and kind helps children feel secure in learning new ways to understand what is difficult for them. I also show children strategies which can be used for future work which is similar, that way they are not just learning the problem or skill specific to the moment, but can remember what they learned and how, so they can apply the knowledge later and forever. I love sharing what I learned at the University of Georgia School of Education. The teaching skills I took to heart set me apart from most tutors who assist children with their work, but don't really know how to help them advance at a rate that will help them catch up quickly, and build self-respect and self-esteem, the keys to the learning curve.

Many kids become numb to failure, since they are behind in certain subjects, and they are expecting to fall further behind and possibly be ridiculed by classmates and even friends. My strategies and sharing help your child understand that everyone has weaknesses and strengths, and that with a little focus and a lot of success at their current level and capabilities, they will advance themselves and feel great about it, without worrying or comparing themselves, or letting other kids damage their progress with criticism.

I am currently a paid Journalist/Writer for a website, where I contribute to natural remedies and expose chemicals in foods that can damage people's health and happiness. I love contributing to other's happiness and welfare, and that is why I have chosen to continue my teaching by tutoring those in need of considerate help. I look forward to making a difference in your child's life, whether it's just for a few weeks, months, or even years. I am always learning myself, open minded, caring and considerate. You and your child deserve respect and dignity. I hope to meet you and help your loved ones enjoy school and learning!

Sincerely and respectfully,

Sean C.


Sean C.

Elementary Reading, Writing and English Tutor with Master's Degree

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