Parachute People

Today I was watching not one but two 2 year olds, so I was looking for something that would occupy them with minimal mess, as well as give us something fun to do post-project. It was a lovely day, with just the slightest bit of wind…so I thought of making a version of Busy Bee’s parachute people. Kids this age love gluing things, and my version of the project had the added benefit of helping them learn body-parts. If you take the parachute people outside, the plastic bags pick up the air currents and the people come gently floating down to squeals of toddler delight.


Parachute People
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Time: about 30 minutes, less or more depending on how involved the kids are in the preparations.

Materials: glue stick, cut out body parts from magazines (kids can help you with this, too, depending on age and temperament),basic paper figure, stapler, plastic bag

Have a paper figure cut out in advance. Then, find and cut out various body parts (head, torso, leg, arm, etc.) from old magazine alongside the kids. Name the parts and point out their corollaries on the kid’s own bodies. Cut out an assortment for each of the kids to give them options (one of which is to just glue everything, which my charges both took).

Tape the people down, then have the kids coat the entire surface with a glue stick. As you want the the whole surface to be coated, sometimes it is more efficient to do it yourself. If this is the case, I generally carry some empty glue sticks that the kids can ‘glue along’ with. Once the figure is covered in glue, let the kids place the body parts however they feel is appropriate. Hover, re-gluing areas that aren’t firmly glued in place AFTER the kids have placed it in their preferred spot. When it is dry, staple one plastic bag handle to each of the figure’s hands. Then, go play outside!


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