Daytime Tutoring Available

When most people think about tutoring, they consider it an activity to occur after school or work. Fortunately, many tutors have the ability to meet throughout the day, and I am one of them. While most of my students do meet during the evening hours, having the flexibility to meet during the hours of the typical work day allows my adult students to obtain the help they need at a convenient time for them. Some of my students enjoy lessons over breakfast, while others find an early afternoon session provides enough time for them to run errands, go to the gym and complete other household chores before taking an hour or two break to get extra help in the subject area of their choice. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, college student, part-time employee, currently unemployed or retired, daytime tutoring can help you get the assistance you need while keeping your nights and weekends to yourself.

Another positive aspect of daytime tutoring concerns full-time students and employees. Because I'm available throughout the day, many of my clients meet with me in their offices or at school. For employers, having a tutor available to meet with an entire staff enables them to make sure their employees have the training they need. I have worked with corporations large and small to assist employees with on-the-job training, including computer software, business correspondence, customer service skills and more. For students who play sports and involve themselves in other extracurricular activities, having a tutoring session during school hours allows them to spend time on a subject in which they need additional help instead of spending an hour or so in an enrichment period doing nothing.

I am currently seeking additional students to fill my daytime slots. If you are in need of a tutor and able to meet during the day, please contact me. I am available and happy to help you become a better, brighter you!



Gaye W.

Certified English Teacher - STAAR, ACT/SAT, GRE & College Essays

200+ hours
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