Fall is Here

I must say I love the cool nights we're having... Just lovely. The new neighbors don't seem to mind a little light piano in the evenings, so I'm enjoying a proverbial slice of heaven. With regards to teaching, my current WyzAnt students are preparing for my studio's Fall recital on the 10th. Two girls, both under 10, are playing selections by Kuffner and an semi-composed impromptu (it was a dual effort, albeit suggested by her). Studio growth has been exponential and I've found myself spending many hours in the endless search for sheet music, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. Eager minds are healthy minds, so I'm always happy to oblige. I've pre-ordered a proper mic stand and an XLR/USB converter for the fancy microphone I'm buying soon. My excitement is in no way done justice through text, so you'll have to wait to see it in the videos I intended to post later on. ^.^


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