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Hey fellow readers, good habits start for your child at a age 3. Why do I say that? I'm glad you asked, well experience has taught me that you must apply what you teach your children. I started reading to my children in the womb, so when they were able to hold a book I helped them to apply other skills. Sitting time also helps their patience as well as your own. I would start by singing the alphabet and number, take them in the car and play the name game with things we pass by or in the store name that fruit or whatever. The key is to make it fun and laugh with them. Always encourage and tell them how great they are doing. Remember children are like sponges so when 3 hits most children will respond to these things, dressing and putting shoes on even if they cannot tie yet, say good job, this creates patience and wanting to continue to try. Children will read also if you read with them, help them read and do it with fun, be creative by making a play or TV show out of it. Be an example by reading to them and/or reading your own book while they try to read, even if they do not know all the word they will as they move forward to different level. Its our job to mold and shape at home o your teachers can help when necessary, its a team effort/ Good Luck parents and students, give me feed back and/or feel free to add some idea. Hope to hear from you soon!!!



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