Songs in Spanish

Today, I taught my student the song titled "Un Año Sin Lluvia (A Year Without Rain)" by Selena Gomez. I chose this song as my student's first Spanish song because, not only was it by her favorite artist, but it also was slow enough for a beginner to sing to and the lyrics were clear and easy to understand. Before we sang, I told her what the Spanish lyrics meant and had her listen to the whole song while reading the lyrics. I could tell that she was a little shy about singing the song in front of me, so I told her that just saying the lyrics with the song was fine. Before the lesson had begun, I practiced the song myself so that when it came time to practice with the student, I would be able to sing it myself, even though I'm a terrible singer. Since she was weary about singing the song in front of people, I told her that she can practice in private until she felt more confident about her capability.

While songs are slow to pick up, they are very beneficial during language learning because, not only do you speak the words, but you also hear the words. In other words, the lyrics are doubly reinforced during learning. It may take up to several weeks to learn a song, so you shouldn't get discouraged while practicing singing. Even if you feel like you are stumbling over your words or that you can't keep up, just have patience and keep practicing. With lots of practice, you will get it eventually!


Christine M.

Beginning and Intermediate Level Spanish Tutor

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